Download Allinea DDT and Allinea MAP

Allinea DDT and Allinea MAP are part of one unified environment - you only need to install one binary package. The current release is version 4.2.

Windows and OS/X builds are remote clients only - they allow you to connect to a cluster and debug or profile on it but do not let you debug and profile programs running on Windows or OS/X.

Upgrading to a newer version

If you have a current support contract, all upgrades are free - just download the latest version and install it on top of or side-by-side with your current version.


Platform Versions
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.0+ 64-bit (AMD/Intel)
5.7+ 64-bit (AMD/Intel)
5.7+ 32-bit (AMD/Intel)
SuSE Enterprise Linux Server 11+ 64-bit (AMD/Intel)
Ubuntu 12.04+ 64-bit (AMD/Intel)
10.04+ 64-bit (AMD/Intel)
12.04+ 32-bit (ARM)
11.04+ 32-bit (ARM)


5.3+ 64-bit (PowerPC)
BlueGene/Q BlueGene/Q
Cray X-series SLES 11
Intel Xeon Phi KNC

Other Linux distributions:

  • Centos, Fedora and Scientific Linux should use a Red Hat Enterprise Linux build
  • Gentoo and OpenSuSE should use a SuSE Enterprise Linux Server build
  • Debian and Mint should use an Ubuntu build

Remote clients

Platform Versions
Mac OS/X Mountain Lion+ 64-bit (AMD/Intel)
Windows XP+ 32-bit (AMD/Intel)
XP+ 64-bit (AMD/Intel)

Remote client downloads for older versions

Download older Alllinea tools remote clients for Windows and Mac OS/X

Source code

Source code for the GPL 3, GPL 2, LGPL 2.1 and CPL licensed programs and libraries in the Allinea environment.